Minutes from the January 7, 1998 Mich. House Meeting

Meeting started at 9 pm.

In attendance: Sujit, Raff, Jill, Sarah, Katie W., Meg, Charlie, Mark, Matt, Kara, Malone, Janson, Schwartz, Scott, Jon, Jon, Rusty, Kaufman, Loni, Trent, Julie, Brian, Amin, Janet, Kate, Hatch, Candy, Kristin, Adam, Jason, Laura, Leah, Rebecca, Danny W., Pam, Roxanna, Ed, Raymond, Sue, Betsy, Willie, Corey, Dennis(late), Joe(late), Brian N.(late)



I. Preliminaries


-Agenda Review

-Minutes Approval



II. Elections

-Work Manager, Indoor Maintenance(2), Outdoor Maintenance, Ordering Steward, Kitchen Czar, Treasurer, Secretary, Flight Attendant, Sin Steward

III. Work Holiday/Party

IV. Iterative Issues

-Quiet Hours/Meal Options/Dinner Time

I. Preliminaries

Firestarter: Ask any question you want to the person on your left.

-Matt to Kate-Do you think recycling is important? "Yes."

-Rusty to Mike-How does it feel to be the President of a nudist house? "Liberating"

Agenda Review: It's all good!

Clipboard: Quote from Charlie in his "Tenement on Wheels"- "If we drive close enough behind this cop he won't be able to tell that the tail lights are out."

Announcements: NSBC meeting this Friday at 7:30

-Liz arrived safely in Italy(as if anyone cares!)

-Wall vote for paint color on 3rd floor hallway

-Only house President and Maintenance Managers can copy keys(75 cents)

-Amenities budget is at $1100

-New member orientation is at noon on Sunday at the ICC Ed Center

II. Elections

Work Manager: Dave Kaufman nominated-After a very long, heated debate, it was decided that we could live with Kaufman as work manager-VOTE-Dave Kaufman is the new Work Manager

Indoor Maintenance Managers(2): Due to the unprecedented interest in this position(or lack there of), it was decided that we would elect the Indoor Maintenance Managers after all of the other elections were complete.

Outdoor Maintenance Manager: Kate Webber nominated-Another difficult decision, but a vote was taken and Kate is going to continue as Outdoor Maintenance Manager.

Ordering Steward: Kathy was nominated-Do you notice a trend developing? After great debate, Kathy was voted Ordering Steward for Winter term.

Kitchen Czar: Candy was nominated-After finding out that she is pretty anal, Candy was voted the new Kitchen Czar.

Treasurer: Corey, Willie, and Sujit accepted nominations-After a discussion, Corey was voted the Treasurer for winter term.

Secretary: Rusty and Sujit accepted nominations-after a discussion, Rusty was selected the new secretary in one of the wisest decisions ever made at Mich. House!

Flight Attendant: Jill, Dave Hatch, Pam, and Ed accepted nominations-It was suggested that the position be split up in to 2 one credit positions, there was a hand vote, and the proposal passed-After many questions and much discussion, Jill and Dave Hatch were voted the new Flight Attendants.

Sin Steward: Willie and Ed accepted nominations-Willie was voted the new Sin Steward after questions and discussion.


Indoor Maintenance Manager Revisited-Rebecca and Brian accepted nominations-After a discussion which included the topic of a hot tub(Ooooh...Aaaaah!) Brian and Rebecca were voted the new Indoor Maintenance Managers.

III. Work Holiday/Party

We discussed which weekend work holiday should be. The choices were the weekend of 1/9-1/11, 1/16-1/18, or later(possibly 1/23-1/25).

Jon expressed concern that MLK day is 1/19, and there are many events taking place that weekend which could conflict with Work Holiday. Many other people expressed the concern that the weekend of the 9th was only two days away and wouldn't provide sufficient time to prepare. It was voted that Work Holiday will be the weekend of 1/16-1/18.

Party-Dave Hatch proposed that we have a party on 1/16 from 10pm to 4am. He also suggested that we spend $300 on it. Dave Kaufman suggested that everyone in Washtenaw County be invited. It was also suggested that the Flight Attendants close the party(although Scott pointed out that the cops have been pretty good at it so far this year!) There was discussion about who should be invited, and it was decided that a moderate number of flyers would be distributed. Willie then proposed that there be a sheet made to make sure that everyone does their share of setting up and tearing down. There was a vote and all of the above proposals passed(except letting the cops close the party).

IV. Iterative Issues

Quiet hours-12:30am to 10am on weekdays and 2:30am to noon on weekends was proposed. Jon proposed that Thursday be considered part of the weekend. There was a vote-it passed. Joe then proposed that the Thursday rule not include the stereo since some people want to sleep. That seemed to be agreeable to everyone, so there will be no music after 12:30am on Thursday nights/Friday mornings(unless you are dancing in the streets and hollering in which case it's OK:) It was then proposed that quiet hours end at 9am on weekdays. There was a hand vote and it passed. Saying that noon was awful late on weekends, it was proposed that weekend quiet hours end at 10am. There was discussion and a vote, and it did not pass. Not giving up on this issue, it was then proposed that weekend quiet hours end at 11am. Again there was discussion and a vote and this proposal passed. To summarize, quiet hours will be from 12:30am to 9am on weekdays and 2:30am to 11am on weekends which includes Thursday except for the stereo. YOU GOT ALL OF THAT?

Meal Options-It was proposed that it stay the same-we voted-it passed and so there will be a 4 meat meals per week guideline for Winter term.

Dinner Time-Mercifully, in the shortest time spent on a topic of the night, it was proposed that dinner time remain the same-it passed and we will again be eating at 6pm this term.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for(Drum roll Please)...Evaluations!

Leah's giddy about this semester, and everybody else just wants this meeting to end.

Was that as good for you as it was for me?

Repectfully submitted by Rusty Rae