Minutes from the January 27, 1998 Mich. House Meeting

Meeting started at 10 pm.

In attendance: Sujit, Raff, Jill, Sarah, Katie W., Meg, Charlie, Mark, Matt, Kara, Mike, Chris, Scott, Jon E., Jon S., Rusty, Kaufman, Loni, Trent, Julie, Brian, Janet, Kate, Candy, Kristin, Jason, Laura, Leah, Rebecca, Danny W., Pam, Roxanna, Ed, Sue, Betsy, Willie, Corey, Dennis, Joe, Brian N., Emily, Alyson, Munehiro.

Not present, but an excuse deemed worthy by the all-powerful Secretary: Betsy, Willie, Yukihiro, Malone, Kathy, and Dave H.

Not present: Amin, Adam, Danny H., and Raymond.


I. Preliminaries


-Agenda Review

-Minutes Approval


-Officer Reports


II. Boarding in the Summer

III. Purchase Organic Foods Proposal(Joe)

IV. Computer(Rebecca)

V. Carpeting(Rebecca)

VI. Water Purifier(Rebecca)(You notice a trend here?)

VII. Late Meals(Scott)(Added during Agenda Review)

VIII. Cereal Dispenser(Candy)

IX. Short Term Contracts(Raff)(Added during Agenda Review)

X. Evaluations

I. Preliminaries

Firestarter: If Mich. House had a slogan, what would it be?

-Kristin- "Earth Friendly"

-Rusty- "Save room for the Boone's!"

-Raff- "You get used to the dirt."

-Loni- "We do it on the block!"

-Malone(Absentee)- "If the block's a rockin', don't come a knockin'.

Agenda Review: Scott wants to add an item to the agenda-Vote-it passed.

-Raff also wants to add an item to the agenda-Vote-it passed.(See above)

Minutes Approval: Despite complaints that minutes weren't posted in Minnie's, the minutes from the last two meetings were approved.

Clipboard: Raff's pissed about the quality of the Tuna Fish.

-Chopped Lettuce does not equal Salad(Anonymous)

-Tomato Paste does not equal Spaghetti Sauce(Anonymous)

-Janson does not equal President(Malone-Absentee)

Officer Reports: Kate's got it goin' on! Coming soon to a Compost pile near you: Our very own worms!!! I don't know about anybody else, but I sure am excited.

-Dave Kauffman reports that the house has almost recovered from Work Holiday.

Announcements: "Vote Dave K. for ICC Prez!"-Sujit

-Leah and Chris are talking about having a banana split and movie deal this Saturday night at Minnie's(Possibly Fast Times at Ridgemont High).

-Coming soon to a Mich. House triple near you: A Conversion!!

-Leah's Vice Prez of the Foods Committee-Just another step in the Minnie's and Mich. take over the ICC plan!!!

II. Boarding in the Summer

-Should Mich. House serve meals this Spring/Summer?

-Raff pointed out that if we don't, people in the North State area would have to eat at Vail.

-No other discussion was needed. There was a vote-Mercifully it passed-we will be serving meals this Spring/Summer.

III. Purchase Organic Foods Proposal(Joe)

-Joe proposes that we buy our fruit organic. He pointed out that it's better for us, and better for the environment(and after all, we are the Earth Friendly house as said earlier).

-Sue proposed that we just look into it, and not actually go with it until we get more info. Joe said that was friendly.

-Sujit proposed that we form a committee to look into it-Joe said that was friendly too(Look, Joe just made two friends! Doesn't that make you feel all warm inside?)

-We voted on the extremely friendly proposal and it passed-A committee will look into buying Organic Foods for the house.

IV. Computer(Rebecca)

-Rebecca wanted to get an idea of how many people would be interested in getting a cheap computer for the house.

-Brian N. pointed out that it would really suck to be watching a "chick flick" and have somebody typing away on the computer.(Don't you hate that?)

-Joe was worried that there may be conflicts when people are looking at people having sex with horses on the Internet when someone wants to type a paper.

-Joe also wants to be free of radiation.

-There was a straw vote-the majority of people were against getting a computer.

V. Carpeting(Rebecca)

-Rebecca also wants to look into getting new carpeting or a wood floor in the living room.

-Sue proposed that Katie and Rebecca look into it.

-There was a vote and nearly everyone agreed.

VI. Water Purifier(Rebecca)

-We've already got one. We've got more filters. Case closed.

VII. Late Meals(Scott)

-Scott proposed that save meals be saved until noon the following day.

-Discussion-Vote-It did not pass-The saved meals will be guff at 9am.

VIII. Cereal Dispenser(Candy)

-Candy proposes that we get cereal dispensers like they have in the dorms.

-Dave K. proposed that we table this until Candy can get more info.

-Vote-It's tabled.

IX. Short Term Contracts(Raff)

-Raff says that we have 5 options for who decides which people will be allowed to have short term contracts for Spring/Summer: We vote, Mike and other officers vote, Spring/Summer votes, Spring/Summer officers vote, we get creative.

-Raff would like to propose that we vote on these people.

-Charlie proposed an amendment that we allow no short term contracts. The amendment didn't pass.

-It was decided that people who want' to extend their stay can sign short term contracts, and we vote on everyone else. Vote-It passed.

X. Jason's Flower Proposal

-Jason proposed that we add another item to the agenda to talk about getting flowers for the Pedek family since Kathy's dad passed away. It was passed.

-Jason proposed that we allocate $50 to buy flowers, a plant, and a card. Anyone who wants to give more can give money to either Jason or Corey. Vote-Everyone agreed.

XI. Evaluations

-Joe doesn't like Vanilla Wafers

-Malone(Absentee)-It was the best meeting he ever missed!

If you are absent, but want to get something into the minutes, you must meet the following criteria: It's your birthday, you're my roommate, and your last name is Malone. If you meet these criteria, put your comments in my mailbox. Thanks!

Respectfully submitted by Rusty Rae.