Minutes from the February 10, 1998 Mich. House Meeting

Meeting started at 10 pm.

In attendance: Sujit, Raff, Jill, Sarah, Katie W., Meg, Mark, Matt, Janson, Chris, Scott, JoHn E., Jon S., Rusty, Kaufman, Lani, Trent, Janet, Kate, Candy, Kristin, Jason, Laura, Leah, Rebecca, Danny W., Pam, Roxanna, Sue, Willie, Corey, Dennis, Joe, Brian N., Allison, Munehiro, Raymond, Dave H., Danny H., Amin, Kathy, Adam, Malone.

Not present, but with better things to do(and a note): Brian, Kara, Julie, Emily, Betsy, and Charlie.

Not present: Ed and Yukihiro.


I. Preliminaries


-Agenda Review

-Minutes Approval


-Officer Reports


II. Jim Jones and Mich. House's Place in History

III. Purchase Organic Foods Proposals(Joe and Pam)

IV. Floor Discussion

V. Boycott Gardenburger Proposal(Pam)

VI. New CD Player Proposal (Dave K.)

VII. Ann Arbor Brewer's Guild Proposal(Chris)

VIII.Valentine's Day Party Proposal (Jill and Dave H.)

IX. Evaluations

I. Preliminaries

Firestarter: Say 3 things about yourself, 2 of which are true.

-The most interesting spot that Candy's been isn't the Chopping Block.

-Jason is well endowed(but only if his first name isn't Jason and he doesn't live on the 3rd floor)

-Trent has 3 piercings, and Sujit is only aware of 2.(No proof, Please)

-John E. was just checking to see if the chopping block was sturdy

Agenda Review: Chris's Brewer's Guild proposal was moved to later since he was tardy for the meeting.

Minutes Approval: Despite a couple of misspelled names and a complaint about Malone's comments in them, the Minutes from last meeting were approved.

Clipboard: The Wimsatt's need to return our kitchen.

-Among the items found beneath the chopping block during a recent dinner clean were one empty condom wrapper(not confirmed to belong to John) and one empty Whip-it Cartridge(for whipped cream of course)

-4 plungers in Cheep Sex-Why?

Officer Reports: All is well.

Announcements: Suj's new magazine, "Cultural Fascists," is coming soon-if you want to submit anything you better get it to Suj.

II. Jim Jones and Mich. House's Place in History

It all started wit h Charles Orr, whose Aunt just happened to be the one and only Minnie Wallace. The house that we live in now wasn't purchased by the ICC since 1947, after the members' old house had been sold. It should come as no surprise that Mich House quickly became the premiere house in the ICC...Nakamura owes its existance in the ICC to Mich House...Here's a bit of irony for ya': Mich house became Coed in '69, and no, Brian Nagorski hasn't been here that long, it only seems like it. For a more detailed look at the history of Mich. House, see the pamphlet that Jim Jones sent to us.

III. Purchasing Organic Foods Proposals

-First we talked about Broccoli and Lettuce-Joe and Pam proposed that we buy them organic from GFS. Leah expressed concern about buying from GFS and a discussion followed. Mike J. proposed that we vote on whether to buy these foods organic or not and that we don't buy them from GFS. There was a vote-it passed.

-The second proposal concerned oranges-Pam and Joe proposed that we buy organic oranges from the People's food Co-op. Several people voiced their praise for the Sunkist oranges we have now. Jon proposed an amendment that we phase this in and buy from North Farms every two weeks(since we can only get oranges from them every two weeks) and not get them from the People's Food Co-op yet. This was not friendly with Joe. We had a discussion about the amendment and voted on it-the amendment passed. We voted to allocate 2 more minutes to this issue. We had a vote on the amended proposal and it passed.

IV. Floor Discussion

There were three issues that we had to deal with:

-Should we replace the carpetting in the TV room? Brian said that it has been replaced since he's been here(which doesn't say much since color TV has replaced black and white since he's been here probably!) There was a vote-It passed.

-Should we do something with the floor in the living room? We have a few options which came up in the discussion. There was a vote-we will do something with the living room floor.

-The three options presented were: Replace the carpetting with a wood floor, replace the carpetting with new carpetting, or keep the current carpetting and just put down a rug over it when we aren't having a party. All three options received support, but after votes, it was decided that we get a wood floor.

-If the wood floor idea goes down at the hands of the ICC, we voted to get new carpetting after a vote.

V. Boycott Gardenburger Proposal

Pam proposed that we boycott the Gardenburgewr company and gave several excellent arguements. We voted-Consider them boycotted.

VI. New CD Player Proposal

Dave Kauffman proposes that we buy a new CD player to replace the one we have now. He proposes that we spend $170 on it. Vote-it passed. Now maybe a real Shake Yo' Booty party can be held in the living room.

VII. Ann Arbor Brewer's Guild Proposal

We're glad that you could join us, Chris. Chris proposes that we allow the Ann Arbor Brewer's Guild to hold a meeting at Mich. House on Friday, March 13 from 7:30pm to Midnight. The North State Brewer's Coop will clean up after the meeting. Since this is a chance for a bunch of old guys to get away from there wives for a night, the proposal passed.

VIII. Valentine's Day Party Proposal

Jill and Dave H. proposed that we have a party on Valentine's day from 10pm-3am. They proposed that we spend $150, invite only 2 friends per person, and have only liquor. As a little added bonus, Willie will be bartending in a tux. Vote-Willie better dust off his tux and find a drink book cause we're havin' a party!

IX. Evaluations

-People should stick around and write secret lusts, since Mich. House has a reputation to uphold. If you don't feel like writing secret lusts, don't worry, because some will probably written for you!

-Respectfully submitted by Rusty Rae