Minutes from the Tuesday, February 24, 1998 Mich. House Meeting

In Attendance: Rusty, Leah, John E., Roxanna, Mike M., Corey, Lani, Janet, Julie, Dave K., Scott, Mike J., Joe, Munehiro, Chris, Katie, Meg, Raff, Pam, Sara, Ed, Laura, Trent, Rebecca, Kathy, Kate, Sujit, Jason, Charlie, Dennis, Emily, Matt, Brian, Kristin (34)

Absent, but nice enough to let me know: Willie, Sue, Kara, Jon S., Amin, Candy(who has now set the standard for what constitutes a good note), Raymond, Dave H., Danny, Mark, Adam, Danny H., Jill (13)

Absent with no excuse provided: Yukihiro, Betsy, Allison, Brian N. (4)


I. Preliminaries (Firestarter, Agenda Review, Minutes Approval, Clipboard, Officer Reports)

II. Appoint Interim House Manager (Mike J.)

III. Update Rules on Referral(Mike) & Add 2 Week Hold Period(Chris)

IV. Proposal to Repair Joists, Ceiling, and Move Pipes, with House Labor and Prep Work (Charlie)

V. Hot Tub Proposal (Scott)

VI. Announcements/Ideas for Mich. House

VII. Evaluations

I. Preliminaries

Firestarter-What's your favorite time of the day?

-Chris-Night time is the right time.

-Munehiro-Dinner Clean!!!

-Malone-Any time you can be with God.

-Suj.-When he's taking a smoke.

Agenda Review

-It looks short, but looks can be deceiving...

Minutes Approval

-I don't know if I can take this kind of rejection, but the minutes from the last meeting will be changed to say that we are getting Broccoli organic, and it was Leah, not Katie who expressed concern about buying from GFS. Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The minutes are approved after those corrections.


-Be on the lookout for Bonus Beers!

-We should get a goat.

-Let's get rid of the phones.-Joe

Officer Reports

-Corey-We're $1300 under budget.(Hey, we could get a bunch of goats with that kind of money!)

II. Appoint Interim House Manager (Mike J.)

-We need someone to fill this role during the break.

-Mike would like to nominate Kate Webber, she accepts. We voted on it, and she's in as the Interim House Manager. Congratulations sucker...er, I mean Kate!

III. Update Rules on Referral (Mike J.) & Add 2 Week Hold Period (Chris)

-Chris facilitated during Mike's proposal.

-Mike suggested that we move to strike section C of Article 2, section 4 from the House Constitution-we voted on it, and it passed

-Chris proposed that we make the Hold Period on future contract for members on referral two weeks-we voted and it passed

IV. Proposal to Repair (1)Joists, (2)Move Pipes, (3)Repair Ceiling, and (4)Use House Labor to do it and Prep Work (Charlie)

(1)Joists-Do we bolster them?

-There was discussion and a vote. It passed-bolster those puppies.

(2)Should we move the pipes downstairs?

-Charlie says that it would be a lot easier to work on the ceiling if we move the pipes, and he envisions them being above the ceiling level with an access panel to get to them.

-Dave K. is concerned that it may be more trouble than it's worth.

-Charlie says that this part will be done in the Spring, so we won't have to lose heat during Winter term.

-Vote on whether or not to move the pipes-Yes, we will move the pipes.

Before the next item, we voted to add 7 more minutes for this topic-It was friendly.

(3)What kind of ceiling should we put in the TV room?

-Charlie proposes that we have a drywall ceiling as opposed to a drop in ceiling.

-the advantages and disadvantages of each kind were discussed.

-Vote-Drywall wins.

(4)How much house work should be used and which term should it come from?

-Charlie proposes that the work be done in the Spring and involve house labor.

-Raff thinks that we shouldn't decide for the Spring/Summer House how many hours they will work on this.

-Charlie would like to amend that we do as much work as we can on it before Spring.

-Vote on Charlie's Amendment-No.

We voted to add 5 more minutes to the discussion.

-The next question was whether we are going to use house labor to do the work in the Spring.

-After much discussion, at the end of which Raff said, "What the Hell are we talking about?" the only thing that had been accomplished was that nearly everyone was now confused(Including me, in case you haven't noticed yet)

-Raff amends that we get conformations from all of the current members who are going to be here during the Spring term and will help on the Ceiling. Ed, Scott, Rebecca, Charlie, Roxanna, Matt, Meg, and Mike J. sealed their fate by volunteering to help.

-Meg was concerned that even though these people may have some experience, that we may want to have people who have a lot of experience in this type of thing do the work. There was discussion about this, and it was decided that we would break this issue up into the demolition phase and the construction phase.

-We voted on both, and the people who volunteered before will be allowed to do the demolition and the construction phases.

V. Hot Tub Proposal (Scott)

-Scott proposes that we look into getting a Hot Tub.

-Vote-it passed.(I would just like to point out that it may come down to getting a goat or a Hot Tub, and that's something that everybody should think long and hard about.)

VI. Announcements and Ideas or Thoughts about Mich. House

-Julie proposed that we combine this item with Evaluations. That was very friendly with the members present.

-Dennis ended the meeting by giving everybody warm fuzzies by saying, "I thought you all were going to be a bunch of 'Granolas,' but I think you're alright." I can't think of a better way to end a Mich. House meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Rusty Rae.