Mich House Minutes eighth of May, nineteen hundred, ninety-seven

Since I was away, (resting and relaxing up north at home) I missed the meeting, hence these notes were taken by other people:

Partie un: icebreaker
The icebreaker apparently concerned ³the perfect summerıs day²

Partie deux: the non-existant part

Partie trois: the serious business
It was voted that we should all get drunk, dance, and hook up with our housemates while hoping that none of our neighbors call the cops and give us a noise violation fine on Friday, May the 16th. This PARTYıs theme is ³Paradise Lost², and we will have alcoholic fruit, and heaven and hell all in the first floor. All are invited to invite their guests who are also invited to invite their guests and so on recursively. Secondly, we decided that once the place smells like a frat house, we should probably rest a little - to recover from our hangovers, and actually get down on our hands and knees to actually scrub this place down. WORK HOLIDAY shall be on the sabbath, (this one wonıt be so black) May the 18th. Please come, fun is expected, snacks and pizza will be served, plus if you donıt leave an excuse beforehand, and not show up - you time to make up will be doubled.

Partie quartre: quiet hours
Same as last semester, of which nobody really seemed to know, I think it was 5am to noon or something, no - weıll find this out and post it around.

Partie cinq: meat
Same again as last semester. This is a real creative bunch. (I donıt know what happened, but I feel that [0-min, 7-max] is a good policy, since it leaves it up to the cooks, and we canıt really eat less than 0 meat meals a week, and more than 7 meat dinners a week would be obnoxious.

Partie six: dave guldmanıs contract release
He has to get his lazy butt outta here by July 15th, or we get to fart in his general direction.

Partie sept: most important part

The following notes were taken by Liz Hoffman

Partie huit: popularity contest
One of the Mikes pushed through the continuation of the consolidation of the outdoor maintenance, and recycling positions.
I guess that Iıll just cut to the chase, these are the masochists doing different jobs:

Treasurer - Amy Clark
Masochist - Raff
Food is all you really mean to me: ³Dave is the best ordering steward we could have, I see that I have agreement with that.² - anonymous - Tressa
Kitchen Czar - Matt S. - he finally wins something
Secretary - Willie
Sin Steward - Andrea
Taking out the Trash - Pam
Indoor Maintenance - Brian
Flight Attendant - Dave G.

Partie neuf: get outta my driveway!
Alexıs proposal is unclear from these notes, nut the impression I had was that he really wasnıt with it that night. ³In the driveway or not in the driveway?² Anyways it was tabled for the next meeting, in two weeks.

Partie dix: access privileges
Does Katie Wimsatt get a key to our house? Nope, I guess not.