Mich House Minutes May 21, 1997

Minutes May 21, 1997

1) Icebreaker - What do you like about Michigan summers? (later modified to summer in general since it's too damn cold to call this summer.) various responses including: extra daylight, Dave G's large penis, thunderstorms, waterskiing, what summer? blossoming trees. 2) Agenda Review - extra time allotment. 3) Clipboard & Annnouncements - Brian says that the cooks should make good food since bad food isn't eaten. Also, don't infringe upon 40 people's schedules, and serve dinner on time. Chris tells all that there will be another trip to a brewery (soon) Charlie invites others to take drugs and get paid big bucks for it. (weird drugs) Chris and the beer-brewing co-op will be meeting and brewing on this thursday at 9 pm (probably in the kitchen) where they will be forming their constitution. Also, Charlie and Mike C. lost some stuff, and it anyone has seen please give it back. It's not yours. 4) Officer Reports - Brian: City Inspection 9:30 am (tomorrow morning) so pick up all the underwear and condoms off the floor so that things don't get embarrassing Also the ceiling tiles for the basement will be arriving in a couple of weeks, people who skipped out on work holiday (WH) will probably be responsible for putting those things up. Pam is thankful for all the help she got on WH, and this saturday she will be cracking the whip for all those who need to make up hours later. Mike C. is learning to have bread, milk & eggs all at the same time, but he still needs to get his butt in gear. Dave G. gives props to Ryan, Mike F., and Heather for their stellar performances at last weekends parties. Raff says that anyone who skips the meetings (without a note from their mother or doctor) will be whipped, or fined for each hour that the meeting lasted. 5) Update Committee - (Liz facilitates here, but doesn't really say anything, holds the clipboard) Mike quickly walks through a brief criticism of the condition of the house constitution, and that it needs to be revamped. He proposes that a house subcommittee be formed to deal with this issue, and leaves the specifics to be filled in later. It passes. If you are interested in joining this group - talk to Mike J. (Mike takes over facilitation) 6) Recycling - fun was had by all in learning how to recycle, and Mike challenged Minnie's vs. Mich w/ other boarders to a flash-quiz on what goes where. Everyone learns what is what, and I'll review for those of you who weren't around. Tan bin - any paper products including office paper (but not used paper towels) Green bin - any containers: metal, plastic (with a number), glass, and many other various other things. Also there is a box where one can put their cereal boxes and other various similar entities. Give weird shit like batteries to Pam (put them in her mailbox) take beer bottles downstairs to the hallway where the full ones are stored, put pop cans in the box next to the pop machine, and finally - composting: put only uncooked vegatable matter in the bucket, and coffee grinds. Do not put any meat or dairy or cooked anything in the compost! 7) Budget - Amy presents a budget. Dave G. wants more money for parties and and alcohol and canoe trips, and getting fucked up, and possibly a formal. Amy had proposed 650 for the whole summer, and after the hard alcohol and 5 kegs (4 of which were shit beer) went to the last party, it came to a total of $296. Adding the magazine, newspaper, and cable subscriptions, it came to a total of $700, which would put us in the hole already. Some discussion is made, and Dave decides that he should modify his proposal to be $1000 for the summer. This passes. Pam now suggests that boarders should pay a little more than the 0% for fuel, since they get some of the heat, laundry, and some for washing the dishes. (Oh, and if someone wants to take a shower they can do that too). She proposes that boarders pay 20% of the fuel costs, which fails due to a resident vs. boarder tension in the air. Brian quickly proposes that it be raised to 10% (from 0) to account for some of the consumption that goes on since Minnie's people pas gas more often than Mich, it passes. Supplies are again consolidated into the food budget since they are all ordered at the same time, and no one can tell that the Lasagne is served w/ melted Dial flakes, and hot dogs served in toilet paper rolls. Brian proposes that Amy round the charges to the nearest 50 cents to make his job in the office easier. Finally, the whole budget passes the house as if everyone had Ex-Lax. 8) Evaluations: I wanted the desks moved out of the way in the bike shed, others wanted food to be put away after it was used, (since I'm nobody's mother (yet) I don't want to be picking up your food either), and Jason wanted everyone to take good phone messages so that he could call back all those chicks that wanted his bod over the phone. Good productive meeting. Author: Mich House Secretary Willie Northway