Mich House Executive Committee Meeting

Officers present: (all but Amy C, when IS she here?) Willie, Mike J., Pam, Mike C., Matt S., Dave G., Brian, Andrea, and Raff.

This meeting was intended as a trial run for the upcoming year.

Icebreaker: If you could be any kind of bird, what would it be and why? Big Bird, Homing Pigeon, bird of prey, Jansen didn't prepare Dave G. came in late and thought Mike said beer instead of bird.

Mike wants these meetings to last about 30 minutes, and it is mainly to instill his 3 P's: Productivity, Progress, and Prudence. Then he got up on his soapbox for righteousness, and proposed to work out problems, develop proposals, and toss around ideas for the future. All present are swayed by his speech, and think it's good.

Officer Reports:

Evaluations of the Executive committee meeting: All felt it went good, useful, a little too long at 45 min., but this was the first, and it will get better. The next one will be on June 11 at 9pm.