(Mike J. has got some latent aggression from last week¹s series of parties and meetings with heroin-BMXers.) Icebreaker - What would you blow up? Several people had class related targets, Leigh wanted to blow up the guy who picked her up off her bike and threw her across the street. Some people were too nice to blow up anything, and Jason wanted to blow up anyone else who decided to jerk off in his room. Pee-Wee Herman where are you? Someone wanted to blow up the sun, or Jason¹s ³The Frogs of Summer² CD. (don¹t we wish) CIA, Cat Stevens, and some frustrated Philly fans wanted to blow up Joe Louis Arena, or Mike Vernon - only he¹d still win.

Clip-bored /Announcements: Turn on the fan after you go to the bathroom or take a shower. The first thursday of every month we will be serving for the hunger coalition. Socialist Equality Party has some classes on Marx, and Groucho. Pull yer damn car up all the way in the driveway, (till it touches Minnie¹s) so that others can use the driveway too! The AA Ultimate League is starting soon, if interested, see Charlie.

Officer Reports: Pam will beat your ass if you don¹t put the trash bags in the cans. If not, she has to wrestle huge maggots in order to get the stuff out to the curb. Raff tells all to clean their dishes before they go into the sanitizer. Matt S. sez to clean yer pots and anything that you use to feed yer face. Willie does the webpage, and posts the minutes: http://www.umich.edu/~umicc/mich.html Amy C. not many members are in debt, though she isn¹t even here. Mike J. the ICC board is dealing with handicap acessibility, a possible Oxford purchase, and otherwise everything around the house is going well. Plus, he encourages all members to buy a snazzy ICC shirt. Brian did his bit a little late, but came in from the maintenance mtg. Keep the mop closet clean and the city Inspection is coming soon - June 25th. We¹re definitely getting a new floor, we just have to work out the issues of when and colors and stuff. We decide to work on a patch for the torn couch cushion. Also, we may be getting a new bike rack so that people don¹t feel compelled to lock their bikes on the side of the house, and we¹re buying new gravel for the driveway.

Cleanliness & God - Raff: Dinner cleaners must make sure that the list is completed, and put everything away -> don¹t skip the grill, or the barbecue out in the drive. If dinner clean people don¹t do it, no one will. You are the final guardians of justice and sanitation over our kitchen. This house trusts you to complete your mission as stated. If you don¹t clean something, Raff will fine you. New signs and lists have been posted. Use them.

Open House & Potluck Dinner with the Old Fourth Ward - Mike J. We¹re inviting strangers into our house to see what¹s going on here, and we¹re supposed to be friendly. (How does he expect us to manage that?) Anyways, it would be a good chance for real people to see us, and for students to come visit when we have the lights on and there aren¹t crazy drunk people dancing around. People volunteer to make ice-tea and cookies or something.

The Wedding Party Proposal - Dave G. After discussion, and mixed feelings, it is decided that we will have a bachelor¹s party on Friday the 13th - Jason sleeps (during the meeting that is) Dave will need some help organizing, and he will require you to help set-up or break down if you¹re going to be there. Otherwise, you¹ll be forced to personally finish the last shit-beer keg that buy late at night.

Paint over the Ugly Ass Mural Proposal - Matt W. After being pressured by his housemates for weeks/months now, Matt brings before the house the idea that he should be able to get all his work credits put towad creating a design for whitewashing over and replacing the ugly-ass mural in the dining room that (after all, Carson painted) Besides it¹s ugly, even though it has historic value. Well, perhaps we shouldn¹t wipe the boogers off the wall because in 20 years, those will be historic as well (or maybe not) It passes after an attempted ammendment to change the location fails.

Fair Budget Warning - Mike J. The Treasurer must prepare and present the budget at least 3 days in advance so that members can have some time to go over it, and digest it for themselves. It passes 24-0

TV Rules - Mike J. Though not a proposal, Mike says that he will be a member of a committee to decide proper protocol on who gets to reserve the TV, and for how long. Sounds kinda ridiculous, but it is definitely needed.

Eric A¹s May Charges - Eric A. Eric was out of the country and moved in on May 22, he was released from the ICC charges, now he doesn¹t want to pay for that 3 weeks of non-boarding that he did. Will this set a precedent? When other leave for 2 weeks, will they be expected to be released for that time? This was all rather mixed up, and most people simply abstained from the vote which caused it to fail.

New Porch Speakers - Brian It is decided that it would be nice to have speakers on the porch, but we don¹t really want to pay much for them, so we¹ll probably get that at Kiwanis or something. So Raff, Matt S., and Chris will each do 1/2 of the research.

‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹[ Break ]‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹-

Amy gets here and announces that Jason is 2 months in debt. People ask how, ³You remember that check you wrote last month? I didn¹t.² - Jason.

Constitutional Cleanup - Willie A lot of work was done in committee for this, so please see the posted packet on the Mandatory Reading Board for the complete wording changes before we vote in the ammendment at the next meeting. (We will need 2/3 majority for this to take place) Remember that if you don¹t like a certain part, that too can also be changed through a proposal. We would like to get this thing in action here.

Evals : All is good. Long Meeting. Brian thinks that we should have proposals written up so that they are thought out and prepared in advance.