Executive Committee Meeting

June 11, 1997

Those present: Brian, Pam, Mike J, Amy, Willie, Dave G., Matt S. came in late. Raff had a written statement, and Andrea joined us at the end for her bit. No Ordering Steward, since Mike C had resigned. First Mike tried to think up an icebreaker on the spot, and when that fell through, we all discussed whether or not we needed one, then finally skipped that part of the meeting. Raff's statement he basically said that things are going well, but would like to see some improvement in the dishes area. When you clean a dish, make sure it is clean. Dave G don't worry about the party, I'm a college student, I'll pull an all nighter the night before to make sure that it is all planned. He's using beauracracy to pull it off and get all the work done for the wedding. There will be no band, and Pam will help with tapes. The pre-wedding parties have been cancelled due to lack of perversion. Then he tried making up a schedule, and just sounded real confused, but we were all confident that he would pull it off in the end. Pam will be re-painting the picnic tables, and get rid of the shit behind Minnie's. We will also be buying 4 new trash cans to make her job less smelly. Also, people should turn the lights off, it saves resources and money. Matt S. people have been using the checklists. Label your food that goes in the fridge. If it's in the kitchen, and not labelled, it's guff. Cooks - put leftovers into the food you're making, or pull them out to serve with dinner, cleaners - use smaller containers to conserve space in the fridge. If you cook for yourself, don't leave pots and pans in the sink. Brian shut up about the tile colors already, a decision has been reached. People need to show up for floor tear-up. The ceiling tiles are in, Ken and company will be installing them. The old linoleum floors will just go wherever they end up, hopefully Charlie will make them disappear. Someone stole a house box fan - was it Dave G ??? he denies it, and tensions begin to rise. Willie the minutes are on the web at www.umich.edu/~umicc/mich Amy Jason is 2 months in debt. We should give him peer pressure, and ask him to present a payment plan. Discussion follows where members claim that this has been going on for a while, and that something should be done about it. Perhaps we'll discuss his "special case" at a meeting or something. Amy vows to present a budget report at the next meeting. Janson all is good, Ordering Steward situation was unfortunate. Oxford Housing! The ICC is thinking of buying the whole complex. This would be a revolutionary step in the history of the ICC. This place is huge and just incredible. There are 2 people who are allergic to cheese & beans, one has dropped their boarding contract. Cooks should prepare options sensitive to several diets. Andrea Finally! She is leaving for 2 weeks, will hand off keys to Willie and Brian. Would like beer prices to go down, but that will be determined by Amy's report Evals: good, gives us a chance to speak candidly about potentially sensitive issues where certain feelings might not be brought up at a full house meeting.