Special Meeting June 16th, 1997

The quest for a new Ordering Steward

Icebreaker: What was your favorite part of the weekend?
babysitting for brother's dog's accusatory boyfriend, marriage, picture this: Ryan, 3 girls, and a dog, all naked in a bathroom, Mike & date, Martha likes co-op food, Tressa vaccinates kittens, and Ryan waits for aliens. (see Arizona) Those present: Matt, Matt, John, Ben, Charlie, Rajal, Dave, Ryan, Sue, Laura, Mike, Mike, Perry, Pam, Liz, Martha, Karen, Jason, Dan, Tressa, Chuck, Julie, Ryan, and Laura. Those excused: Eric A, Amy C, Ken, Anna, Dave G, Reese, Matt O, Chris, Raff, and Willie Ordering Steward Elections:
Those nominated were:

  • Eric A (who accepted through Dave G)
  • Mike C. - declines
  • Tressa - declines
  • Perry - declines Some discussion follows, and voting, and Eric is our ordering steward. Evals: Ice breaker was longer than the meeting, come to the meeting on wednesday. A big thank you to Laura A for taking these notes, since I was out of town on Sunday.