Meeting on June 18, 1997

Called to Order at 8:07 pm.

Attendance: Jason, Ken, Anna, Bian, Tressa, Miki, Pam J., Fumi, Shino, Yungere, Raff, Rajal, John, Alex, Laura, Sue, Mike Feld, Mike J, Perry, Chuck, Charlie, Chris, Jessica, Jill, Matt W, Leigh, new Pam, Liz, Danny, Ryan.

I.  Icebreaker: Kinkiest place you've ever made out or would like to make out.

II.  Agenda Review: III.  Minutes approval: IV.  Const Changes: V.  ICC T-Shirts VI.  Officer Reports:  VII.  Announcements VIII.   ICC Summer Education Program -  IX.  Share Returns - X.   Key Returns -  XI.  Miki's Contract XII.  Maintenance Proposal XIII.  Thanks to Floor Ripper Uppers: XIV.  Mini-work Holiday XIV.5  Card for Lucy for help with the floor XV.  Short Term Contracts XVI.  Elections: XVII.  Evaluations: Meeting adjourned.

Minutes Taken by Chris until Brian's Officer Report, then Liz.  Typed up by Mike J., and finalized by Willie