Meeting Minutes July 23, 1997

Icebreaker: What color underwear are you wearing now? Becca: silver crushed velvet, Ken: transparent, and other lude comments. Chris' report at the bored meeting: Article X for membership, (when a house is in trouble for low membership, or broken down or whatever, the membership committee can take over.) The house late house charges fee was passed to be 10 cents a day for tardiness - so Amy needs to be on the ball and check that box daily so that she knows exactly how much to charge. ICC Ombudsperson - a person who is kind of a liasion between the members at large, and the beauracracy. Basically, they help navigate a member through the sea of red tape. The "Ombuddy"... done by work credit hours, and will report to Coco. Vote to let Mark board here. This will allow the Wimsatts junta to have more power in Mich House than California has in the House of Representatives... Evals: good meeting, short - long icebreaker... Notes reconstructed by Katie and Parry, since I had to work tonight, and had not found a person to take notes for me.