Mich House meeting September 24, 1997

(Some of the) members present: Liz, Laura, Mark, Leah, Suj, Raff, Raymond, Brian,

Kate W., Matt, Betsy, Sue, Mike M., Mehee, Trent, Mike M., Kathy, Debbie, Kara,

Mike J., Willie


Members not present, but accounted for: Scott, Dave H., Jon, Emily L., Julie

Members not present, not accounted for: Dennis, Joe, Adam



Mike introduces the firestarter: If you could go anywhere in history, where would you go and who would you be?

Dave- Cleopatria's love slave
Candy- An old school movie star
Matt- Africa and hang out with Indigenous people


*Debbie proposed 20 minutes instead of 40 for the year planing session. It passed by a show of thumbs.


*The minutes from the past two meetings were approved!!


*Need to defrost chicken properly-if you don't know what that entails, see Kathy and she can explain it to you!
*Great job Brian on the photos he took of the house members!
*Remember to clean under stuff in the kitchen!
*Rotational Dinner cleans are up! Check 'em out!
*Make sure the front and back door are locked at night! Recently, they've been left open-ohhh, Danger!
*Bathroom cleaners, remember to stock Tp and paper towels.
*Dinner clean includes taking out the compost if it's full.
*Turn off the toaster oven after you've used it or you will start a raging fire in it.
*Remember to use bleach water, not baking soda on all the surfaces in the kitchen.
*If you don't have time to put away all the mail, then don't get it outta the box-important snail mail is getting lost!
*After shaving, don't forget to clean off the sink so others don't have to experience your remnants.
*Just Coke Cans go in the box.


Betsy *Bathrooms are now going to be cleaned twice a week.

Kate *Compost isn't going well, she's spending a lot of time on it tomorrow if
anyone is interested in helping.

Candy *Sheets for Newspaper and Magazine preferences are going to be handed out next meeting, so be thinking about what you want!

Kathy *Menus need to be turned in sooner. Stuff labeled non-guff, means you can't eat it!

Brian *Room punch lists need to be turned in. *If you want stuff done, put it on the list! *Do the plunging and light bulb changing 'yo self. *He's putting an additional light in the bike shed and a security light over the bike rack. *There will be a fire drill soon. The time and date will be posted in the bathrooms. If you hear on go off, meet across the street and leave the door unlocked and the lights on. Then, the fireman won't have to break down your door! *If you think your furniture is nasty, then let Brian know and he canhelp you get some less nasty stuff.

Danny *The kitchen cleaner are doing a FANTASTIC job! *The containers that look like they are for Ketchup, are actually filled with soap. Don't soap your sandwich, unless you into that kinda thing.


*Park up flush against Minnies or your can will get rammed.

*Critical Mass is on Friday's, so see Anne if your interested.

*Outta town friends CANNOT park in our driveway, they will get rammed as well.

*Fill out your homestead forms! If you fill one out, it holds your spot for next year, but isn't a commitment.



*Amy, Mich. house's president from last year, took a noise violation for thehouse and wants to be reimbursed for the $100 fine. Discussion on the issue followed. Some people said that the house has an obligation to pay Amy. Others said that they think the current house should not have to pay for last years violation. It was voted that the house should pay Amy. Brian proposed that we try and collect money from the previous Mich. house members and decide how the rest of the fine is paid depending upon the results. This passed by a show of hands.


Mike and Leah broke out marshmallows and s'more type stuff to simulate a Mich. house planning retreat. Members threw out ideas of what they would like to do as group in the coming year. These are themost popular of all the ideas . Each group of people listed after the activity are the people who volunteered to organize the activity.

*Trip to the Bar and Bowl-Jason and Candy
*Cloning Dave Hatch-The Fraternity system
*Birthdays-Kara, Betsy, and the goodies cooking posse
*Pranks on Nak-Leah, Loni, charlie and Suj
*Hockey rink in the parking lot-Matt
*I. M. Basketball team-kara, Rusty, and Chris
*A trip to the Apple Orchard-Jason and Candy
*Painting the living room-Sue and Katie
*Halloween Hayride- Danielle
*Formal Thanksgiving Dinner-Liz, Katie, Leah, Candy
*Keeping the house cleaner-Betsy
Other ideas-More formal dinners, Mich vs. Minnies paintball



Corey spent a large amount of time explaining and going over the budget that

he worked out for the house this year. Discussion about the food budget.

Brian proposed that we spend $5 more per person, per month so that we can

have more meat, better food, and a safety margin. It passes by a show of

hands. Jason proposes that $2 more per person, per month be spent on Soc.

Ed. It passes by a show of thumbs. Corey's revised budget passes.




*Leah proposes that we make two or three guff bikes. It would cost

approximately $75 to fix all three. She is willing to fix them herself

and they'd be for anyone to use. Proposal passes.




*Block party at Ruth's coming up soon. They want us to help out in some way

if we are able. We discussed what we thought was appropriate to donate and

it was decided that we'd give $100 and some people to help out.




*Brian proposes a guideline of what a meal should consist of. He proposed

that it should consist of a main and alternative dish, side dish, salad

and dessert. Discussion followed. Some people voiced that it was too much

to ask in the amount of time that the cooks have to make a meal. Katie

volunteered to help as a goodies cook. Debbie proposes a change of word

choices to make the original document more friendly. Both Brian's guideline

and Debbie's word choice pass.




Sidney Fine, a U of M professor and passer of a bill to let older people work

past age 70 if they wanted to, lived in Minnies in 1942. He told Liz stories

about the REAL Minnie Wallace and he had lived in Liz's room!



Good Meeting, nice job with the treats

Meeting Ended: 10:18p.m.

Submitted by Kara Martin, Mich. House Secretary

"Nothing great was ever achieved without Enthusiasm." -unknown