Michigan Co-Operative

Mich. House Minutes October 13, 1997

Meeting started 8:45 p.m.

Members in Attendance: Dave K., Kathy, Betsy, Dave H., Rusty, Raff, Janet, Chris, Scott, Liz, Trent, Brain M., Jason, Willie, Emily L., Corey, Brian N., Dan, Marc, Leah, Suj., Mike J., Kate W., Loni

Members not present, but accounted for: Kara, Joe, Candy, Amin, Debbie, Sarah, Helen, Dani, Charlie, Adam, Kate Webber, Emily L., Jill, Emily, Kristin, Anne, Laura

Member not present, not accounted for: Dennis, Matt, Eugene, Scott, Danny H., Mehee, Jon

I. Preliminaries: Mike introduces a Firestarter. What is so confusing to you about our pop culture? Also, what's your obsession with Dave K.?

II. Agenda Review: Jim Jones didn't show up to give the Mich. House Historiple. Nasco will give us $200 and will give people an hourly wage of $7 to clean up afterwards. We can invite any and all friends, our block, the I.C.C. and NASCO. The party will go until 4 a.m. Discussion ensues. Ed proposes and admendment that we don't send flyers to the I.C.C. Amendment does not pass. Candy's proposal passes

VI. The Noise violation

-Jason proposes that Mike got door to door appoligizing for being loud the night we got the noise violation and asking them if they will call us nexeans!

IV. Officer Updates:

* Jason-Sign up for the periodicals that you want!

* Kathy-Turn in Menus!

* Corey-Pay your charges (Wimsatt!!!). The Phone Codes are IN!

* Betsy-All is well.

* Mike-Oxford housing is not going to be bought as of now by the ICC. Still looking at it as a possible expansion if the university Pres. decides it will be sold.

-Joint house is getting a new addition.

-Roch office is getting a new stairway to the 3rd floor.

V. Announcements:

*There are three guff bikes available now! Ride 'em!

*North State Brewer's Co-op - 10/25

VI. Having NASCO visitors again this year:

*Should we let the NASCO visitors stay with us again this year? Discussion. Last year it went well. It was approved by the people who attended the meeting that 12 people will be staying with us. We want to throw the NASCO bash.

VI. Appointment committee on New Member Documents:

*Liz and Kaufman are revising the new member documents. New member documents are in the package that every co-oper gets before they move into the house.

VII. Smoking, Cat, and Fall only contracts for next year

*It was decided that the smoking, cat and Fall only contracts will remain the same as last year. No smoking, no cats and 3 fall only contracts.

IIX. New Tuner and Chess set proposal

*It was proposed that we buy and new chess set and tuner. The tuner will cost $160 and maintence will pay for half of it, so it will only cost the house $80. The chess set will cost $25. There will be a wall vote for both, so write your vote!

IX. Cooperative Purchase Proposal

*Loni, Leah and Liz were interested in cooperative buying of items such as Toothpaste, Tampons and other wonderful items. If you are interested or want to know how the whole deal is going, see one of the three lovely ladies for details.

XI. Evaluations - It was a good meeting.

*People who didn't show up suck

Meeting Ended - 10:00 p.m.

Notes taken by Raff and submitted by Kara Martin, Mich. house secretary